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World's Largest Golf Outing leaderboard update (June 18)

WLGO Team 2

Fundraising for the 2014 World's Largest Golf Outing has topped $20,000 with a little less than two months until the day of the event, nearly doubling the amount raised from a week ago. 

Each week leading up to this year's WLGO, we'll be updating our donation leaderboard to give kudos and encouragement to the teams that are raising the most money to support Wounded Warrior Project.

  1. Team Horn - $4,380
  2. Team Conaty - $1,519
  3. Team Justic League - $1,270
  4. Team Wroblewski Jr. - $1,045
  5. Team Golfing For A Cause - $1,040
  6. Team Loose Cannons - $690
  7. Team Stoffer - $530
  8. Team Orau - $465
  9. Team The Vettes - $415
  10. Team Kurt Schumacher - $390

Congratulations to our top 10 this week and, to all of our teams signed up to play, keep up the great work!
There's still plenty of time to sign up for the 2014 World's Largest Golf Outing. Head here to sign up today.