Upgrading Conditions

Investing Dollars in Upgrades that Translate to Revenue Growth 

BCG has managed the Morris County Park Commission golf courses since 2012. BCG’s Agronomy Team went to work to upgrade conditions, putting dollars where they would see the biggest and fastest returns.  Every other major department at Billy Casper Golf took part in a transition that was seamless for the golfers.

  • Maintenance crews rehabbed the facility making it more appealing.
  • BCG Marketing team aggressively campaigned to bring golfers back and attract new ones. 
  • BCG sales team increased outing, banquet, and corporate meeting bookings.
  • BCG installed proprietary operations platform to include all accounting, bench marking, and tracking processes.

Our ACE the Guest Experience™ guest service training program showed golfers right away that a new management team was in place.  

BCG’s on-site management team, working closely with regional operations, marketing, and agronomic personnel, have enhanced course conditions, improved guest services, and right-sized spending – all while offering consistently- solid playing conditions along with fun and enjoyable experiences. 

Both BCG and the County view the initial management as a huge success, as BCG and the County entered into a long-term agreement for the other Morris County golf facilities.

Increase Rounds Successfully 

Both rounds played and revenue received has increased. To say that the results in the initial year of BCG’s operation were impressive is not an overstatement. Billy Casper Golf increased rounds by almost 25% and engineered a $1,400,000 annual improvement for the County.