Why fall golf is the best kind of golf

fall golf

As it gets colder, I become more and more grateful for the weather change. 

The end of summer and the start of chilly days marks the end of the recreational golf season. But I am in no way a recreational golfer; I’m a beginning golfer. Recreational golfers wish I would get off the course and stop ruining their beloved pace of play.

But with the change in season, courses are less busy, and I find I am not holding up the game for others. I can even bring my daughter with me and am typically not paired up with others whose pace I know I am slowing. (Don’t get me wrong: Everyone is relatively gracious, and no one out and out says, 'Come on, get moving,' but in the busy months I definitely pick up my ball just to get out the way.) Now that it has cooled off, I get to play my slower game and enjoy the course. 

Here in the northeast, it’s been a view to die for. The trees are changing colors, the greens are lush, and even the animals seem to know they can be more adventurous and come out to the course. 

In the summer, by the time I finish 18 holes, I think I might die of heat exhaustion. Now that it's cooler, I start with a jacket and by the time I get to the 10th hole I am down to just my favorite compression shirt (which keep you so warm, and they are comfy to golf in). It's perfect. 

I mentioned I like to golf with my daughter, so let me tell you she’s mush easier to bring along when “I’m hot” isn’t every other word out of her mouth. Now that we are golfing alone, not paired, we get to talk. 

When was the last time you got your 11-year-old daughter alone to chat with you for four hours? This easily has to be the best part of cool-weather golfing for me. When I started this game, I was worried. I worried about the time it was taking out of my life. I’m a busy, working mom. Giving up hours for a round of golf was a huge commitment for me, which is why I started my daughter golfing with me. Now it has become a valued piece of my life. It’s the kind of quality time I can’t get anywhere else. 

Fall back is a term I will forever cherish. It now represents a more picturesque course, a more relaxed golf game and more one-on-one time with my daughter.

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