Regional Teams

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Our Regional Directors and Managers work closely with each managed course's General Manager to develop and implement the business plan and budget.  Each is based locally within a region for ease of access to the area's managed courses.

Regional Field Team
  • Nick Bednar
    Vice President, Operations - Central
  • Ryan Phelps
    Vice President, Operations - Northeast
  • Dan Zimmer
    Vice President, Operations - Southeast
  • Aaron Czajka
    Regional Director, Operations -
  • Ron Wonderling
    Regional Director, Operations - Southeast
  • Bill Colgan
    Regional Director, Operations - Mid West
  • Scott Justman
    Regional Director, Operations - West
  • Dan Evers
    Regional Director, Agronomy -
    Mid-Atlantic & West
  • Mike Stevens
    Regional Director, Agronomy - Central & Southeast
  • Matt Fauerbach
    Regional Director, Agronomy -
  • Greg Sinder
    Senior Director, Sales and Marketing - Northeast
  • David Evangelista
    Regional Director, Sales and Marketing - Southeast
  • Melissa Dupuis
    Regional Director, Marketing - Hawaii
  • Kelly Searight
    Sales Director, Training and Support