Hand touching Grass
BCGreen - making a difference in your turf.

Keen attention to detail and sound agronomic practice provide decidedly enjoyable member and guest experiences. But there’s so much more, and BCG's sustainability is in high gear:

BCGreen, the golf industry’s leading environmental initiative, preserves our planet and manages turf in environmentally friendly ways under these principals:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Adhere to all pertinent regulations and strive to surpass compliance
  • Create ways to reduce or eliminate pollution and waste
  • Commit to be an environmentally responsible member of the community

Each BCG-managed course is enrolled in the Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program, and we employ these proven strategies:

Wildlife and Habitat Management

By expanding knowledge of plants, wildlife species and habitats on each golf course, we provide a habitat for various species in non-play and non-landscaped areas. We also preserve the rich biological diversity of the course by protecting existing native habitats and species and landscaping primarily with indigenous plants.

Outreach and Education

To ensure ongoing support for environmental stewardship in the community, we educate and often involve golfers, staff, and community leaders about programs and projects on course which improve environmental quality.

BCG has long been lauded by golfers and industry pundits for conditioning courses to high standards with many winning best-in-kind honors from Golf Digest, GOLF Magazine and Golfweek. In 2014 BCG contributed to 27 courses on Golfweek’s “Best Courses You Can Play” state-by-state rankings; several other partnering with Buffalo BIG ranked among the top 10 in their respective states.

Chemical Use Reduction

Our knowledge of integrated pest management and chemical use issues lead to vigorous maintenance of turf grass  using fewer chemicals.  We train our teams to apply all chemicals in a manner that minimizes harmful environmental impacts, also ensuring that chemicals are properly stored and handled, and equipment is properly maintained.

Water Conservation

With a commitment to judicious water use, we identify water resources, maintain irrigation equipment for maximum efficiency and minimal water waste, and implement water conservation practices. To promote soil and turf health and minimize water loss to evaporation and runoff, we ensure maximum water absorption.

Royce Brook Golf Club, a Billy Casper Golf managed facility.

Water Quality Management

For healthy ecological functioning of water bodies, rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes and ponds, our teams strive to eliminate potential of chemical runoff, nutrient loading, and drift. We monitor the health of all water features to detect possible movement of nutrient and chemical inputs into water sources.