Six Courses Look for New management

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission provides one of the nation’s best parks and recreation programs, including a six- 

course portfolio.  After five years of declining revenue under the operation of another national management firm, the City sought a new direction.

Billy Casper Golf won the bid to manage this portfolio of courses with the admonition to reverse the declining revenue numbers.  BCG’s corporate operations, maintenance, and marketing teams traveled to Cincinnati to work with the existing managers and staff to build a new culture of ‘Revenue, Service, and Quality.

Long Punch List

The team quickly developed a 300+ item punch-list for each of six courses. In just two months, BCG changed all legal, financial, operational, marketing, and personnel management aspects of the facilities. The transition was fast and effective, but seamless for the golfers. 

Course and facility conditions improved immediately with resounding customer feedback: “best ever.” BCG created a new Regional Superintendent position to direct and train the six courses’ individual Superintendents.  A new management structure at each course combined two positions – General Manager and Director of Golf. This put more responsibility on each of the course’s Head Golf Professionals to successfully manage their golf operation.  BCG added two new positions for the Cincinnati portfolio– a Marketing Director and a Sales Director. Both directors would focus solely on increasing rounds and revenue.  All of this occurred in the first 90 days of operation. 

Finally, BCG embraced our partner’s mission statement of providing recreational activities for the whole community.  BCG implemented easier accessibility, community focused fundraising events, and customized junior programs specifically for our partner.

It is a true partnership that is really working. Billy Casper Golf has created a ‘revenue culture’ at each facility and led the turn-around in gross revenue. They have achieved superior guest services in a fun, family atmosphere. Cincinnati Recreation Commission


It didn’t take long to see a return in Cincinnati. The portfolio saw steady increase in annual revenues over the next few years reaching seven figures. Golfers returned to the courses to experience the new conditions. The marketing effort enticed new golfers to the CRC portfolio.  Major overhauls of the portfolios’ Food & Beverage programs brought more customers to the grills and restaurants and outing rose climbed dramatically. Where available, wedding and banquet sales grew steadily.