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Ping Golf's Cadence TR putters are fine-tuned to your tempo

Ping Cadence TR putters

Everyone putts differently. Some take the blade inside. Others go out and come back in. Some take a long stroke, while others tend to jab quickly. With so many ways to use the flat stick, a golfer has to work hard to find one that matches their approach.

Ping Golf decided to take a unique approach with its new Cadence TR line, matching four tried-and-true and four new head shapes with a new weighted face-insert system to help golfers with varying putting strokes in areas where they tend to struggle.

The traditional-weight models carry a blue aluminum insert meant to fit golfers with medium-to-faster tempos, with the insert designed to help with lag putting. The heavier models, colored black, add weight with a stainless steel insert for slower-tempo strokes, aiming to prevent getting quick on shorter putts.

Both inserts feature the company's True Roll grooves, whose depth and width vary across the face to provide the best possible roll based on where the ball is struck.

There are eight models, including a counter-balanced option, the Anser 2 CB, as well the popular high-MOI Ketsch head. The putters will range in price from $185 to $245.

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