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Buff Academy Explained
Buff Academy was created to provide golf course operators with innovative ideas and best practices from the Billy Casper Golf ("BCG") "Buffs." These "Buffs" have joined BCG as experts in various industries, and provide knowledge and insight not commonly found within the world of golf. This weekly email series will give you an opportunity to engage, interact, share, learn, and grow with our "Buffs," as we continue to build the most powerful platform in golf. We know there is strength in numbers, so invite your friends, Buff Up, and prepare to be BUFFALO STRONG.

 Aline K MarketingBuff

Meet our MarketingBUFF, Aline Kasliner
Possessing an analytics focused intelligence studies degree and a demonstrable record working within strategic alliances and partnerships across various traditional and digital marketing roles, Aline Kasliner has established a thorough understanding of marketing as a whole and has collaborated and influenced at every level. Aline drives improvements in customer satisfaction for Billy Casper Golf as the Manager of Digital Engagement, having a developed customer feedback platform incorporating market pulse, ad-hoc data surveys and NPS based triggered emails.  Her strength lies in her ability to not only see the data, but her constant drive in finding new ways to let data drive decisions.