Our History

BCG Course
Billy Casper, PGA Tour Legend

The Story Begins

PGA Tour Legend Billy Casper and business partners Peter Hill and Bob Morris knew golf-course operations were 20 years behind the times. Management of hotels and airlines were highly sophisticated, but golf courses were run out of proverbial cigar boxes.

BCG began to take shape. Learning, challenging the status quo, and ultimately contributing to the short- and long-term profitability of courses slowly led to one elated course owner after another.

Word spread that we were a burgeoning, responsible, successful third-party course manager. Steadily, more and more private, institutional and municipal course owners confidently handed their keys to our firm. They were better off with BCG than without.

Billy Casper Golf's Early Years

Savvy and Structure

But philosophically, BCG didn't want to grow too big, too fast. That would be irresponsible and risked potential miscalculations along the way. After all, our company was trusted to run others’ businesses.

Management responded by significantly investing in a foundation for success: building the organization organically, sequentially and solidly. A highly-talented and grounded management team with a firm set of goals led to a well-thought-out organizational structure covering all bases of turnkey operations.

Building a Team

We built and trained expert teams in:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Agronomy
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounting
  • National Accounts
  • Information Technology
  • Business Services
  • Public Relations

Next came leading-edge, practical, creative programs and enterprise systems. To capitalize on promotional opportunities, Billy Casper Golf founded Buffalo.Agency (formerly Buffalo BIG), the golf industry's only in-house public relations, branding and marketing-communications agency. Buffalo. Agency services BCG courses and third-party, major-brand golf product manufacturers, resorts, destinations and communities around the globe.

Sticking to Plan

Billy Casper Golf hasn't wavered from the core of our business plan from day one — to be the best golf course operator in America. With the second largest portfolio of golf courses in the U.S., and hands-down the best team in the golf industry, our story has just begun...