Dynamic Marketing Platform

Billy Casper Golf's daily-fee golf facilities are a diverse collection of golf courses and driving ranges that span coast-to-coast.

BCG is a name that signifies more than great operations: we know what it takes to be successful. It’s more than just creative ideas; it’s holistic strategy. Our marketing team is made up of designers, developers, writers, engineers, and analysts, each chosen because they share a marketing philosophy. Our core believe is data driven decisions, paired with inspired content creation, leads to interactive and beneficial marketing initiatives.

Revenue Management, we have assembled the most experienced revenue management team in the business and provides you

Our dynamic marketing platform employees a data driven methodology that gathers insights from numerous consumer touch points including website, email, mobile, social, third party channels and call/reservation centers. Superior content, modern design and best-in-class customer service drive engagement at every step in the customer journey.

The platform tracks behaviors across millions of rounds and hundreds of millions of transactions resulting in the industry’s richest customer data set which is the basis for our hyper-targeted marketing programs for each facility.

The process starts with planning and strategy development, including a competitive positioning and online profiling. Demand generation, through targeting, is the next step. Targeting encompasses lead generation, predictive analytics, customer segmentation and channel marketing strategy. Engaging and retaining our customers is our primary goal. Through excellent operations, relevant programming and onsite marketing materials, the golf course is only one of the platforms where we focus our retention efforts.  

Email Marketing Performance

Increasingly, our customers are online, so we are there as well, driving engagement using social, email and web marketing tactics. With over 140 laboratories (golf courses) across the country, BCG has the ability to develop best-practices in-house and share these across our clients. Our loyalty programs, developed utilizing statistical and predictive analytics, are one example of our advanced use of best practices. Finally, and most importantly, BCG has a measurement platform that enables us to monitor real-time changes in performance. Built on the latest customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, our analytical capabilities are the most advanced in the industry.

simply put our quantitative approach results in the highest yield ratio per customer in the industry.