Fun & Enjoyable

ACE the Guest Experience™, a Billy Casper Golf customer serivce program
Guests getting ready to enjoy a fun day of golf!

These words - and resulting actions - are the foundation of BCG’s ACE the GUEST Experience™, the golf industry's most innovative and successful employee training and coaching program. And only BCG-managed courses have it.

Each of our 6,000 plus employees – from General Manager to Starter, Golf Shop Clerk to Maintenance Crew – is taught they share one common purpose: to work as a team in providing outstanding service to every guest, every round, every day.

This isn't Customer Service 101. This is a culture, a purpose, a mission - our Service Theme. And it starts on every employee's first day.

ACE - the program's nickname - is a professionally-developed series of training, observation, and feedback programs that teach and inspire our employees to serve guests the right way. Every BCG-managed course has an ACE-certified trainer who uses expertly-written and produced DVDs and workbooks to accomplish this task.

The training sessions start with an introduction by the firm’s namesake, Billy Casper, and the values we emulate from his illustrious playing career: putting people first. Next, employees learn that every guest interaction is guided by BCG’s Service Standards – Safety, Courtesy, Responsiveness, and Efficiency. These standards empower employees to make the right decision in any circumstance.

“My positive attitude is my responsibility."
Golfers playing golf

An employee’s attitude is the second leg of ACE. By taking responsibility for a positive attitude, every BCG employee acts out our Service Behaviors – specific, observable actions that communicate caring for the guest. Our Service Approach shares positive, friendly, courteous examples of how to respond to almost any situation the employee may encounter.

Each employee is guided through the Guest Journey – from making a tee time through finishing a round –to understand how every interaction influences a guest’s experience. We teach our employees to empathize with each guest’s personal situation; anticipate and service their needs; and introduce them to the next step of their journey, creating a positive, seamless experience for the guest – one we know will bring them back again and again. 

“I choose to create loyal customers with my team, my attitude, and my actions.”

This assertion closes out ACE with an emphasis on teamwork. While an individual employee controls his or her guest interactions, it is the team’s combined efforts that make the difference in creating loyal customers. And when one team member might make an error every so often, the others are primed to resolve the issue using Service Recovery to "WOW" the guest.

BCG measures the success of ACE through regular, frequent Mystery Shop evaluations, where every point on the guest journey and our employees’ interactions with the mystery shopper are measured. These extensive evaluations are used to coach and reward employees, with emphasis placed on how each employee contributed to the guest’s overall experience. A fun and enjoyable experience, that is.