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Overheard at the World's Largest Golf Outing

Sun N Lake WLGO participants

Get a couple hundred people together in one place to play golf and some fascinating things are said. So, imagine what interesting things you hear when some 11,000 people are playing on the same day nationwide. 

We'll be sharing some of the more interesting quotes overheard over the course of the day.

From Wounded Warriors playing at Dubsdread in Orlando:

  • When asked if they are having a good day, one said, "Bullets ain't flyin' and no one's dyin'. It's a great day."
  • After a very high shot, one said, "I've seen mortars with less hang time."

At Lincoln Hills Golf Club in California:

  • "I think it's a great tribute to the mean and women who have and are still serving this great country" - Fred Treff, who served in the Air Force from 1952-56
  • "I love working these tournaments. I try to work them every year as much as I can because it's such great volunteer work to be here helping our soldiers and veterans" - Lincoln Hills Resident Gene Andrews
  • "The best part of it is making people aware of the Wounded Warrior Project. It brings thousands of donations that go straight to the charity. It's also great to show respect to the men and women who sacrifice their lives to protect us" - Billy Casper Golf Regional Manager Bob Geppart
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