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Testimonial: Women on Course has "hooked" a new golfer

Women on Course having fun with friends.

Golf is a lifestyle, a state of mind -- so much more than 14 clubs and a ball. That's the credo of Women on Course, a membership organization that is introducing women not only to the sport of golf but everything that goes with it.

If you're wondering what a Women on Course membership might mean for your enjoyment of the game -- newbie or experienced player -- consider this testimonial from Cheryl Valeriano, who joined out of Ocean View in Virginia.

Golf is something I have always wanted to try. I have only taken 2 lessons so far, and I love the sport. It is difficult, but yet fun. At least right now! Our instructor, Brian makes instruction fun and he really emphasizes the importance of having fun and enjoy the game while teaching us the proper techniques & edict. The staff at Oceanview is extremely encouraging and are willing to share tips to help one be successful. I am enjoying it so much that I carry the WomenOnCourse flyers everywhere I go so when I am standing in line or doing whatever I do, I can always start a conversation and ask women if they want to learn how. I am hooked for now and hope to stay that way even though I have only had 2 lessons.
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